Nathanael Munn Author

        My name is Nathanael Munn. I've had several stories published in anthologies and horror magazines with titles such as The Alter Ghost, Lilith and the Blood Blood Wars, Mind-Bender and The Door to name a few.

       Shadows is my first solo project released to the public with many more in the works.
        In recent years I won the the highly coveted “Best In Blood – Season 6” award from Horror Addicts.

        Currently I'm working to bring to life, Helsinki, Simon Magus along with several other projects that are closely guarded secrets stored in a huge data warehouse manged by the N.S.A.
        I reside in Modesto, California with my wife and children. We have two dogs and cats, one rabbit and a turtle and our zoo seems to grow larger every year.

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Remember: No matter where you go there you are, so grab life and take it for a magical ride.